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Wanton Trading Post

Micanopy was founded in 1821 as a trading post run by Edward M. Wanton.  At the time the area was settled by the Seminoles, and Wanton had previous experience negotiating with them.  This area was a part of the Arredondo Grant, a land grant given by the King of Spain to Don Fernando de la Maza Arredondo in 1817.  In 1822 part of the land grant was purchased by Moses Levy, who wanted to start a settlement for Jews being persecuted in Europe.  Edward Wanton also brought families of free blacks and Europeans to the town, and in 1823 there were about 50 people living in Micanopy.

In the exhibit you can see the map of the Arredondo grant and the area purchased by Moses Levy.  At the bottom of the exhibit, we have trade goods commonly used to trade with Native Americans.  These include an ax, an iron pot, cloth, trade beads, a clay pipe and alcohol.