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Florida Under Five Flags

This is a view of the South porch of the Thrasher Warehouse, which houses the Micanopy Historical Society Museum.                                 

“Florida Under Five Flags” is often used to illustrate the story of the State of Florida.  Florida was claimed by the Spanish (1539-1765 and 1785-1821), French (1562 -1565), British (1765-1785), Confederate States of America (1862-1864) and United States of America (1865 - present).

This view also shows a portion of the courtyard that, beginning about 1896, housed farm equipment, wagons, buggies, and livestock, all of which were for sale as part of J. E. Thrasher’s business.

To the right is a new pole barn with outdoor and farm equipment with a talking narrative. 

In the rear can be seen another large open-air warehouse, “Warehouse II”.  Warehouse II was restored using some of the original materials.  This building is currently being used for the Micanopy Historical Society special events.