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Micanopy Historical Society Archives

Micanopy Historical Society Archives

607 Cholokka Blvd (NE 1st Street)

Micanopy, Florida  32667

Corner of Cholokka and NE Bay/6th Avenue

Hours: Wednesdays 9:00am to 12:00 noon
or by appointment.

For further information, please contact John Thrasher
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The Micanopy Historical Society Museum and Archives endeavors to gather, preserve and organize for accessibility documents that interpret the history of Micanopy and surrounding environs.

The archival collections comprise materials relating to the Micanopy area from earliest times to the present.  Included are Micanopy societies, enterprises, churches, government, products, families and events.  Works of Micanopy authors, deed abstracts, maps, lists of burials, indexed newspaper clippings, genealogical charts, minutes of organizations and photographic images are all available to researchers.

Descriptive information about the archival collections held by the Micanopy Historical Society Museum and Archives is available in the Guide to Collections.  Please note that a small percentage of our collection descriptions currently are not available online.

The fragmentary nature, fragility and uniqueness of much of the material means that it does not circulate and must be used in the archives.  Procedures for obtaining photocopies of documents or copies of photographs are swift, of high quality and include mail service, all at reasonable cost.

Researchers must register using the appropriate form before using research materials.  Patrons are welcome to the archives and staff will make every effort to help them find the information they seek.

Donations to the archives of documents or photographic images relating to the history of Micanopy are welcome.



Guide to Collections

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Historic Micanopy

Gift Shop

Thrasher Warehouse

Florida Under Five Flags

Pole Barn

Circa 1930 Coca-Cola Sign

J.E. Thrasher General Store

Wanton’s Trading Post

Bartram’s Travels

The Benjamin Collection

R.H. May

Talking Map

“Moses Levy of Florida”

“The Far Frontier”

Post Office

The Laundry

Ice Box

Wedding Gown

Naval Stores

Children’s Corner

Seminole Patchwork

Seminole War Chiefs

The Civil War

Second Seminole War


Indian Canoe

Statehood 1845

The War Years


Wilma’s Beauty Shop

Sibley Tent Stove