Historic Micanopy

Micanopy [ MICK-uh-NO-pee ]


Location:  North-central Florida

Population:  600

Established 1821.


Located in a small park at the intersection of highways 441 and 234, this sign welcomes visitors to the historic town of Micanopy.  Founded in 1821, Micanopy is believed to be the oldest inland town in Florida and is named for Chief Micanopy of the Seminole Nation. 

The sign’s arrow points south along Cholokka Blvd. and is located a few yards from the start of the Micanopy Historic District.  Four blocks away at Cholokka Blvd. and Early Street is the Thrasher Warehouse, home of the Micanopy Historical Society Museum.  The Thrasher Warehouse is one of thirty-nine sites in Micanopy listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Micanopy Historic Business District


Left to right ...


· DAILEY BUILDING:  Built in 1925 by Dr. I.A. Dailey, this building housed a modern drugstore and doctor’s office, with a hotel on the second floor.  The drugstore had a  soda-fountain with white marble counter and mirrored cabinet on the wall in back.  It is presently used as an  antique shop; the upstairs has been made into          apartments.

· MOUNTAIN GARAGE:  Built in 1913 by J.R. Mountain, this is an example of early architecture reflecting the age of the automobile.  The building served as a local bus      station until the 1940s.  Its simple commercial style of stucco and brick was designed to serve as a garage and filling station.  With spreading oak trees out front, the garage became a popular meeting place for locals.

· MOTT-MAY BUILDING:  Built by N.B. Mott before 1900, this building is of Gothic Revival commercial architecture, with double front doors and tall display windows.  Used as a general store for over 70 years, it has been an antique store for more than twenty years.  The wide doors at the north side were constructed extra high to permit the uploading of coffins, as the second floor was originally an undertaking establishment.


Historic Micanopy

Gift Shop

Thrasher Warehouse

Florida Under Five Flags

Pole Barn

Circa 1930 Coca-Cola Sign

J.E. Thrasher General Store

Wanton’s Trading Post

Bartram’s Travels

The Benjamin Collection

R.H. May

Talking Map

“Moses Levy of Florida”

“The Far Frontier”

Post Office

The Laundry

Ice Box

Wedding Gown

Naval Stores

Children’s Corner

Seminole Patchwork

Seminole War Chiefs

The Civil War

Second Seminole War


Indian Canoe

Statehood 1845

The War Years


Wilma’s Beauty Shop

Sibley Tent Stove