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Benjamin Collection

The Benjamin Collection

The Benjamin Collection was part of the "Mosaic         Exhibit" in Miami before it was donated to the Micanopy Historical Society Museum by Olga Moses Walker, the great-granddaughter of Simon H. Benjamin.  Benjamin is noted for having constructed the first brick building in Micanopy in 1885.

Benjamin's daughter, Rosa, married his business partner in 1886.  The Micanopy Gazette described in lavish detail the ceremony, what the guests wore, and their gifts.

This display includes portraits, an ivory-headed cane, engraved china and silver, jewelry, and feathered fans from three generations of Benjamins.  Next to the       display are pictures of the Benjamin building when first constructed and as it looks today.

Transportation Display

Transportation in the Micanopy area (1880 - 1920) is     illustrated by the large sign advertising Hackney       wagons.  Additionally, there are parts of horse harness and a feed bag to be hung over the horse's nose.

Boat transportation was prominent on Alachua Lake (now Paynes Prairie), bringing in supplies and taking out oranges.  Note the engraving of the steam paddle boat and learn what happened to the lake.

Micanopy was located at the intersection of two railroads.  See the surveyor's tools and check the warehouse model showing the spur track where freight cars unloaded at the Thrasher Warehouse.

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