Thrasher Warehouse

The Thrasher Warehouse, located on Cholokka Boulevard at Early Street, was constructed circa 1890.  It was served by a branch of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad until the 1950s.  It has two wide service doors with loading platforms.

This plain warehouse has Gothic Revival influence with the original wooden shingles covered by a tin roof.  There are hand-scrolled wooden purlins under the eaves on both sides with the original red paint still apparent.  The warehouse is a wood frame building with horizontal siding and a patterned shingle design in the west gable.  The warehouse retains the original cashier's cage, sealed room for seed storage, and even a little of the original pipe which carried carbide gas to the hanging brass light fixtures.

The warehouse was used by J.E. Thrasher, Sr. as a part of the general merchandise business that he opened in 1896.  The warehouse itself was used primarily for housing all types of farm equipment, hardware, lumber and supplies, and was part of a three-building quadrangle.  Adjacent were lots for livestock and a livery stable.

When his store building "uptown" burned in 1911, J.E. Thrasher, Sr. moved his groceries, furniture, and dry goods into the warehouse and operated his business there until he completed the two-story brick building in the next block.

Today the property is owned by the town of Micanopy and is the home of the Micanopy Historical Society Museum. The warehouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.